My name is Iolanta (which from latin translates - violet, thus the name VIOLA) and I have been on the olfactory journey since (est. 2019).

I like to describe myself as an intellectual humorous free spirit. Always wandering.

I have always been fascinated with crystals, herbs, alchemy, new age, cosmos, nature, forest, folklore, magic and so much more. I feel strong connection to earth and the universe. I am always open to new adventures, because what is life without them? 

During our every day life, we often forget and become centered only on material things, but those do not provide comfort for our souls and we still feel empty inside. I was looking for a way to become closer to nature, to receive its healing gifts even in an office setting, to be reminded of my wild and free soul. 

Since scent is one of our main 5 senses, it posses enormous amount of power. Scent can attract, scare, bring back old memories, and carry us through years. It's very closely related to our emotional associations, so being able to create different fragrances all while using what nature has provided felt authentic. 

Currently we have many perfumes on the mass market, but all of them are made with synthetic additives and other hazardous materials, which only make us feel more anxious, depressed, and angry. 

The way natural perfume works is simple. First, you apply it to your skin, which moisturizes it and then penetrates through, reaching the smallest cells in your body and healing it within. Another way is by sniffing it. Since we use a lot of essential oils and other herbs in our perfume, it is very aromatherapeutic. When you take a sniff, the scent molecules travel through your nasal passages reaching directly into amygdala. Amygdala is a part of our brain which is often called the control center, it is responsible for regulating our emotions, making us feel a certain way. That's why, by using certain herbs and botanicals we can stimulate those censors and bring our body back to balance. 

Back in 2019 I began taking various courses, studying books and learning about the art of perfume making, ancient perfumery, alchemy, raw materials, botany, aromatherapy benefits and much more. I also love studying herbalism, going to the forest, grounding with nature and learning all about its magical essences. I am always on the  learning curve, but today I feel really proud of my collection, which I plan to expand even further. I'm so excited to share it with the world, to share it with you! Knowing that I create a worthy product that can help you on your journey to heal your mind, body and spirit, gives me so much joy.

At VIOLA perfumery, we only use best quality (3rd party lab tested for purity) essential oils. While some tinctures we make ourselves, absolutes, resins, CO2's and other ingredients used, undergo extensive research to make sure we select the best sustainably sourced products and suppliers.  All these things are reflected in our price so you can rest assured.

I thank you for your support and trust, and hope we can become long term friends!