About Perfumer & Brand

Ethically sourced and handcrafted with care to amplify your glamour and restore your spirit.

Small rituals, big impact.

We live in a loud reality. From the moment your phone touches your hand, you are bombarded with distractions.  Some days it feels like the soundtrack for your whole life could be notification chimes. Slack. Instagram. Email. An endless avant-garde musical piece filled with synthetic bells, whistles, and buzzing. In a flurry of attention-draining demands, it’s small but intentional moments that reconnect you with the electric delight of ALIVENESS. The invitational aroma of your morning coffee as you shut your eyes and take the first sip. The heady notes of rain, mown grass, and lilac that heralds the coming of summer.
The resinous smoke and brine-y tang of a coastal bonfire backlit by Sherbert skies. Each VIOLA Perfume bottle is clarifying moments so  you can connect to your wild, rooted soul even in the middle of a hectic work day. 


Hi, I’m Iolanta!

I’m the creatrix, fragrance alchemist and curious nose behind VIOLA. I think of myself as an intellectual free spirit with a great sense of humor and a drive for adventure. My desire to wander was often at odds with the demands of an office. I found myself looking for ways I could stay grounded & connected to my inner flame, even if I was having to present a toned-down version of myself. 

I started studying the art of perfumery in 2019, but my passion for nature, folklore, alchemy, herbs, and new age philosophy goes waaaaaaay back. I believe perfume should not only help you express yourself, it should uplift you spiritually as well. This belief inspired me to to make a change and ignited me to start taking
various courses, studying ancient books and learning about the art of perfume making, ancient perfumery, alchemy, raw materials, herbalism, aromatherapy and astrology.

Iolanta, translated from Latin means violet - and so VIOLA Perfumery was symbolically created as my way of sharing the benefit of my experience and knowledge with the world. 

Our Philosophy:

VIOLA – is a Chicago area based natural indie perfume house owned and operated by myself. We offer unique scents for those who are looking for an olfactory experience like no-other! Our sacred blends are carefully created using modern and ancient perfumery techniques along with personal intuitive calling to restore perfumery to its artisan roots. VIOLA perfumes are skillfully crafted to evoke an emotional response along with a magical sensory experience that leaves a strong memory imprint. I hope my perfumery moves you in a memorable way, where you experience joy, happiness and healing.  We offer oil-based perfumes as well as alcohol-based, some of which are limited releases due to rarity of ingredients and scarcity of sourcing. We also offer custom perfumes, where you can work directly with master perfumer to create your own signature scent based on your personal preferences. 


Infused with intention.

At VIOLA perfumery, we only use best quality, single origin essential oils. While some tinctures and enfleureages we make in-house, absolutes, resins, CO2's and other ingredients used, undergo extensive research to make sure we select the best sustainably sourced products and suppliers.

When I am creating a new scent I look at the astrological associations, qabala knowledge, ritual uses, aromatherapy applications, and healing qualities of each ingredient.  Each of our natural perfumes contains dozens of potent botanical essences to leave you smelling supernaturally good and feeling like a cosmic baddie 🪐

I thank you for your support and trust, and hope we can become long term friends!