Botanical Parfums | General Info


Botanical Parfum Oil - is an oil based perfume that comes in a form of a roll-on. We dilute complex natural essences in either jojoba oil or fractionated coconut oil base at about 20% dilution.

Botanical Parfum Oil offers a more intimate sillage than an Eau de Parfum, with the fragrance dancing closer to the wearer. The longevity of each perfume will vary in accordance to the wearer’s unique skin pheromones, but can last anywhere from a couple of hours for lighter notes, such as citrus oils, to between 6 to 8 hours for heavier notes like incense, resins and oudh.

Eau de Parfum - is an alcohol based perfume that comes in a form of spray nozzle.

Eau de Parfum is made using ancient and traditional perfumery techniques. It is a complex mixture of essential oils, in-house made tinctures, plant extracts and isolates in a base of pure ethyl alcohol at a 30% dilution strength, which makes eau de parfum very potent. It has a generous sillage and can be liberally applied onto the body and hair, lasting on average between 4 to 8 hours depending on your skin type.


Once your PARFUM arrives, use these tips to maximize your olfactory experience:

1. Never interpret BOTANICAL PARFUM by sniffing it straight from the vial. If you sample sniff EAU DE PARFUM directly from the vial, the alcohol base will be overbearing and it will distort the blend of fragrant molecules of the botanical essences. If you sniff BOTANICAL PARFUM OIL directly from the roll-on, you will generally experience the top notes blend with a hint of something else, but nothing accurately depicting the true heart of the PARFUM. It relates closely to sniffing only one flower instead of the whole bouquet. For best experience, spray/roll-on a bit to your skin and allow time so then notes can appear and disappear, re-sniffing it over time for best olfactory experience.

2. Skin PHEROMONES: Botanical perfumes posses superpower of their own. They smell differently on each individual thanks to human unique body chemistry and skin pheromones. You might not notice this slight change to the naked nose, but everyone gets their own magical signature scent.

3. If you purchased more than one parfum DO NOT sample sniff them all at once. Your olfactory sense will be overwhelmed and you won't experience true essence and all of the fragrant notes. Natural perfumes take hours to evolve as notes transition, appear and disappear. You might accidentally discard a perfume that you would've otherwise loved (we get these reviews all the time). We encourage you to experience these parfums in its entirety and to do so, its best if you test one perfume per 24-48 hours, so you get clear olfactory evaluation and enjoyment.