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Things to know...

432 Hz Frequency Perfumery / High Vibrational Liquid

At VIOLA we manually charge all of our perfumes at 432 Hz frequency using a tuning fork. The history of the 432 Hz frequency goes back to ancient times. Even in ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, Sumerians and Greeks, special vibration frequencies were considered sacred. The number 432 represents the natural cycles of the earth and the cosmos. This frequency has been proven to help with: stress relief and relaxation, increased concentration and creativity, emotional healing and well-being, spiritual experience and expansion of consciousness and so much more!

Aromatherapy Blend & Natural Perfume

Aromatherapy blends are usually simple combinations of essential oils to aid in health and well being. Natural perfumes expand and shoot above stars. For natural perfume creation, I use a MUCH sophisticated palette of aromatic essences, tinctures, and in-house made accords, after which I compose a skeleton perfume based on ancient and modern perfumery techniques, as well as my personal intuitive curiosity, astrology, qabala and alchemy.

At VIOLA, I like to combine the best of both worlds so, I purposely list benefits that  each botanical perfume carries under it's description. While some people seek aromatherapy for the sole purpose of health, our perfumes create a bridge between wellness and pleasure.

Botanical Parfum Oil vs. Extrait de Parfum:

Botanical Parfum Oil - is an oil based perfume that comes in a form of a roll-on. We dilute complex natural essences in either jojoba oil or fractionated coconut oil base at about 20% dilution. Botanical Parfum Oil offers a more intimate sillage with the fragrance dancing closer to the wearer.

Extrait de Parfum - is an alcohol based perfume that comes in a form of spray nozzle. Extrait de Parfum is made using ancient and traditional perfumery techniques combined with intuitive calling. It is a complex mixture of absolutes, essential oils, in-house made tinctures, plant extracts and isolates and in-house made perfumery accords all in a base of pure ethyl alcohol at a 30%+ dilution strength, which makes extrait de parfum very potent. It has a generous sillage and can be liberally applied onto the body and hair, lasting on average between 4 to 8 hours depending on your skin type.

What is the best way to enjoy our natural perfumes?

For the best olfactory experience apply a small amount to your skin and allow some time for the different notes to reveal themselves. Your perfume will smell slightly different as it evaporates and blends with your body’s natural pheromones, so give it more than one sniff to get the best picture.

We don’t recommend sniffing your perfume right from the packaging. The reason for this is if you sample sniff EXTRAIT DE PARFUM directly from the vial, the alcohol base will be overbearing and it will distort the blend of fragrant molecules of the botanical essences. If you sniff BOTANICAL PARFUM OIL directly from the roll-on, you will generally experience the top notes predominantly, but nothing accurately depicting the true heart of the PARFUM. It relates closely to sniffing only one flower instead of the whole bouquet. 

What is the best way to enjoy an exploration set or multiple perfumes? 

We recommend testing one perfume per 24-48 hours.  As tempting as it is, if you try to smell all of them at once you will overwhelm your olfactory senses. As a result you wont be able to get the full impact of any one scent and might even accidentally throw out something that you would have loved.

Give yourself time to truly experience each scent to it’s fullest before trying something new.

Who are your scents designed for?

         All of our perfumes are unisex and can be enjoyed by everyone 

Do you use synthetic dye in your perfumes?

Natural perfumes will have various color pallets due to multiform of essences used. All these come from natural extracts and add to the beautiful dance of our fragrances.