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ANTI-TICK | Spray 2oz

ANTI-TICK | Spray 2oz

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This season, ticks are more rampant than ever, especially in the Midwestern regions. The unusually warm winter may be the culprit. Many of my friends, including myself, have been plagued by these pests over the past few weeks!

So, what can you do? Many have asked me for a natural yet highly effective tick spray. Some people believe synthetic sprays are more reliable, but this is a misconception. Synthetic sprays don't guarantee 100% effectiveness, and their chemicals can penetrate your skin and enter your bloodstream within minutes. On the other hand, many "natural" sprays fall short because they contain only a few of the essential oils thus lacking potency.

I've considered all these factors and created a powerful anti-tick (mosquito) spray that is not only effective but also safe for kids and offers numerous benefits. Here's what you'll get:

1. 2 oz (60ml) Amber Glass Spray Bottle

Glass bottle ensures your essences are stored safely and eco-friendly. No plastics ever!

2. Distilled Water Charged with Shungite Stone

Known for its strong EMF protection and water cleansing properties.

3. Precious Florals Hydrosol

Enhances adherence to your skin.

4. Jojoba Oil

Helps absorb and carry essential essences into your cells.

5. 432 Hz Frequency and High Vibrational Blend

Manually tuned in our studio with the best tuning fork on the market.

6. 20+ Essential Oils and Rare Essences

Including manuka honey extract for amplified benefits.

Stay protected naturally and effectively with VIOLA!

DISCLAIMER* Please do a skin patch test before applying liberally. Allergic reaction may occur even from organic ingredients. 


Distilled water, floral hydrosol, jojoba oil, blend of 20+ essential oils


Shake vigorously. Spray on open body parts, including hair. Apply as frequently as needed.


Single origin essentials oils sustainably sourced


No returns.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

With all the tick and mosquito craziness this summer I was fortunate enough not to catch any ticks ! Usually mosquitoes looove to bite me but when i use this bug spray I am shielded from any bites!

Anastasiya rubtsova
Must have

This spray is pure gold , works perfectly, smells great , kids do not mind putting it on them ! Highly recommended and will definitely buy again.


I got this spray after I found a tick in my kids hair. We love going to forest preserves, and I needed something that is not extremely toxic, yet effective! We take the spray with us, and spray it every hour. So far, ITS BEEN WORKING GREAT, and my kids enjoy the scent. Only wish the bottle was a little bigger. But I will be ordering for my friends and family!