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ELIXIR | Eau de Parfum - tangerine, wild violet, green cognac, cedarwood

ELIXIR | Eau de Parfum - tangerine, wild violet, green cognac, cedarwood

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An eau de parfum with a mesmerizing blend of tangerine, wild violets, green cognac, and cedarwood, ELIXIR envelopes its wearer with a dreamy experience of enchanted woods.

Fragrant Accords: tangerine · wild violet · green cognac · cedarwood 

Character: woody · green · earthy · grounding

Healing Properties:  immune system · GI tract & digestion ·  heart and blood · releasing emotional trauma*

Botanical alcohol-based perfumes are less intense and have a more subtle projection, allowing the wearer to enjoy a personal, intimate relationship with the fragrance, all while lasting from 4-8 hours. Botanical eau de parfums differ from conventional mass market, because the notes evolve gradually, instead of always having the same over powering fragrance. Anyone can appreciate its complexity and beauty as the top notes unfold first, revealing the heart and base notes over time - all while taking advantage of its therapeutic properties.

Presented in 10ml glass bottle with atomizer spray top accompanied by black velvet pouch.


*not medical advice


Alcohol (Ethanol, Pure), Natural Fragrance (Essential Oils, Absolutes, Tinctures, CO2s, and Botanical Extracts)* *Handcrafted and aged in small batches with organic alcohol, natural essential oils, absolutes, nature derived isolates, botanical tinctures, co2 botanical extractions, and resins.


Spray the desired amount onto pulse points (wrists, behind ears, neck, decollete) and allow to air dry. Store in cool, dry areas.


Our ingredients are sourced ethically, with no GMO, parabens, PFAS, phthalates, formaldehydes, dyes, BHA, BHT, or PEGs. All of our components are cruelty-free, do not cause endocrine disruption, 100% plant-based and handcrafted in-house in small batches.


No returns. Due to nature of our products and unique characteristics of scent, perfumes are FINAL SALE. We encourage you to try samples before committing to a full size product.

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Customer Reviews

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Nadiia Bezpalko
I feel in love with this Oil Parfum!

I’m obsessed with this oil parfum! This is the best what I tried! I put them on my 1 year old daughter! She absolutely loved 🥰